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Ride With Al From Anywhere in the World!

Featuring the training methods and best practices of World Champion Al Dunning, Team AD is a highly individualized mentor program that allows members to realize their full potential as horsemen through a one-on-one partnership with Team AD and Al himself.


Video Coaching

Its a simple process, get started today!

The main feature of Team AD is Video Coaching. The wonders of modern technology allow you to take virtual lessons with Al! Submit your riding, training, or showing video and receive a detailed voice-over video lesson from Al.  He will give you feedback as well as specific, detailed critique and ideas to help take your riding and training to the next level.


Step 1
Film yourself


Step 2
Upload and share your video with Al


Step 3
Receive your coaching video from Al in 48 hours!


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Skill Assessment Program & Accredidation 

Our Skills Assessment program is a series of 53 skill videos, broken up into three stages.  They are what Al considers to be the essentials needed to properly train a horse.  You record yourself, duplicating each individual skill and submit your video.  Al will respond with feedback and you will either pass or be asked to re-do and re-submit.   We provide rewards for completing each stage. There are two ways to participate with the Skills Assessment program.  One is to simply use the program as a challenge, a goal, and a way to measure your progress.  The second is to use the Skill Assessments as a pathway towards earning a Team AD Accreditation.

Accreditation Program

Those that are interested in becoming a Al Dunning Accredited Trainer/Horseman must complete and pass all 53 Skills Assessment tasks and then participate in a two week one-on-one apprenticeship at the ranch with Al.  If you pass the entire program, you will receive a Team AD buckle and our endorsement of your training program. Your photo and bio will be featured on the "Team AD Accredited Trainers” page of the website and you may use the Team AD logo in your advertising and business promotions.  You will also receive ongoing business mentoring and support from Al.

Step 1
Watch and study Al's skill video


Film yourself duplicating the skill


Step 3
Upload and Share your video with Al


Step 4
Recieve written feedback and your assessment from Al. When you pass, you can move on to the next skill and repeat these steps


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